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As people start to feel more comfortable, they step out into the deep end of relationships and they join a D-group. This fosters transparency and allows for a deeper study of God’s Word and deeper relationships with the Faith Family. These groups allow you to grow with others.

{Discipleship is not a transfer of information, but a transformation of our lives}


Discipleship is central to all that we do at Catalyst Church. We want to transform ordinary people into speakers for Christ. Discipleship groups emphasize Bible reading, journaling, Scripture memorization, and accountability through weekly gatherings. Discipleship is a never-ending process on a believer’s journey of faith. The ultimate goal is to empower Catalyst members to “be the church” and not just “come to church”.

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Discipleship Groups (D-Groups)

Discipleship groups are the foundation of all we do at Catalyst Church. They are truly following the example of Jesus when he intentionally poured into a small group who went on to change the entire world.

D-groups consist of a group of 5-7 men or women, who meet separately. These groups meet each week, at various times and days of the week, for 1-2 hours. Most groups meet inside someone’s home but occasionally groups will meet at other locations, like a quiet corner in a restaurant. Each group will remain together about 6 months and will cover either the New Testament or the Old Testament. Each week consists of reading 1-2 chapters five days of the week. After reading each participant will journal about something that stands out to them from their reading. We follow the HEAR journalling method (H-Highlight E-Explain A-Apply R-Respond). Click here to see a sample journal entry. This method will revolutionize how you read Scripture because it changes reading it for information to reading it intently looking for what God is speaking to you. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers as it is all how you personally apply what you have read.

In addition to reading, we also memorize one scripture each week. Trust us – you can do it!

Accountability is truly the magic of D-Groups. Believers all know the importance of reading God’s Word and memorizing scripture but rarely do we do it. But with D-groups you will. Knowing you are meeting with your group and expected to quote a verse and share what God has shown you that week will hold your feet to the fire. You will do it!

The goal of these groups is that once you complete one (or sometimes two) you will be ready to start your own D-group. Being a disciple and making disciples is not for just a select few in the church – it’s for all of us, including you.


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How To Journal


“I am so thankful for the D group and it’s mission to REALLY TRULY grow disciples…to seriously study and understand the Word, to memorize the Scriptures, and spend time in prayer and listen as God speaks. Connecting with the women is a wonderful part, but I love that the root of these groups is true discipleship.”


“Going to D group was a great way for me to connect with other guys to really discuss the Word together.”


“Being in a D Group brought me into a better relationship with Christ and with others. It brought encouragement, challenge, fellowship and a lot of fun! I had been looking and longing for community and joining a D Group gave me that.”


“Being a part of a discipleship group helped me to study scripture on my own, and provided me with a small group of people to discuss, learn, and grow with. There’s something very empowering about believing something because you’ve read about it, and made the connection to it rather than believing in something because someone else said you should. I truly believe that the spiritual growth I’ve made, and ultimately, my salvation was hugely impacted by my being involved in discipleship groups.”


“In this microwave generation of Christians, we (the church) need a way to mature and challenge our spiritual development, while having accountability to someone. D Groups are set up in such a way that the intimate setting with a handful of men or women meeting together, growing together and doing life together, is a mirror image of Jesus and His own 12 disciples.”


“Discipleship transforms everyday Christians into dedicated followers of Christ. It helps us grow in knowledge, accountability, and relationally through intentional tine in the word. Discipleship has driven me to be a multiplying Christian instead of a consumer Christian.”


“D group has helped me stay focused in the word daily. It has given me a change to be around women that hold me accountable and be open with about my struggles as a Christian! I love the opportunity to be in a D group and I am forever changed in my walk with Christ!”


“D group has helped me understand the Word better by talking about it with each other. It has changed my life and I’m closer with God than I have ever been. Every lady in my group is so special to me and I’m so glad we have such a close bond. When I first started I was so nervous because we had to share our journal entries but it became so much easier and I felt like I could tell my group anything. I thank God for D groups because it really did change my life.”


“For me D groups are a way to do life together. Not just learning what the Bible says through a Bible study but having a group to live the Word of God out with and help keep you accountable.”


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